During the past 14 years, Commercial Diving Services has performed numerous underwater inspections, condition assessments and rehabilitation designs on many waterfront facilities such as piers, wharfs, bulkheads, and structural platforms consisting of timber, concrete, and steel components.



Many of these inspections entailed the use of non-destructive testing methods such as ultrasound techniques to evaluate the remaining load bearing capacity of the structural members.


In many cases, destructive methods involving core sampling of both timber and concrete have been executed to verify the non-destructive findings.


Bulkhead cathodic protection surveys are performed with National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified technicians to determine the CP systems required for wall protection. 



Commercial Diving Services incorporates two bulkhead repair systems.


The first system involves dry cell repair performed by lowering  a specially-designed dry cell into place over the existing sheet pile wall and de-watering the cell. Once the dry cell has been de-watered, we move forward with necessary inspections and repairs that can be performed in a dry environment. This ensures the restoration of the integrity of the bulkhead for many years to come.




The second system involves resurfacing the steel sheet piles with new steel coated to specification and formed in the configuration of the existing sheet piles. Once formed in configuration, underwater welding takes place from interlock to interlock of the sheets resulting in a completely new coated steel face to your existing bulkhead.