Our underwater bridge inspections are carried out by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) certified bridge inspectors utilizing proper commercial hard hat diving support gear with umbilical air hoses and diver to top-side communications equipment.



Audio communication is an essential component of a comprehensive underwater inspection because diver measurements and observations need to be readily documented by topside personnel. Such communication between the diver and top side personnel make documentation more accurate as well as aiding in the provision of a suitable base to work from on complex rehabilitation schemes and repair designs of detailed structural assessments.



We often employ the use of underwater video documentation featuring information from our ultrasound and side-scan sonar device capabilities.


Using the latest non-destructive underwater testing devices, we can determine remaining sections of steel in underwater elements. 


We perform scour remediation and piling encasements using Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications on all repairs.


Commercial Diving Services has encased with structural concrete over 5,000 LF. of piling over the past 15 years on federal, state, and commercial projects.